It’s Here!!! Arvo Pärt’s White Light: Media, Culture, Politics

Our very own Laura Dolp has recently released her newly published book, Arvo Pärt’s White Light: Media, Culture, Politics. 
BOOK COVER Arvo Parts White Light
The authors in this book investigate how Arvo Pärt’s music has formed pathways of meaning through its listeners, musicians and the institutions that have performed, promoted and published it. As the editor, Laura Dolp’s goal is to deepen the conversation about the nature of this impact, its forms, and the mechanisms that drive it. Beyond the rhetoric of “holy minimalism” that has accompanied much of Pärt’s reception since the mid-1980’s, the included essays seek to broaden the methods of this conversation and the terms of its disputes. The volume embraces a variety of theoretical approaches, textual studies, histories of listening, and analysis of media and aesthetics. The result is a dynamic exchange between filmgoers, concertgoers, listeners, activists and performers.
For you modern composer lovers and composition majors, this is a must have! You will be inspired to think critically beyond your normal pathways and see how modern music is impacting our current world.
For more information on this book and others, please go to:


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