Met Day 2018

On Friday April 6th, Cali students in Music in Time, Place and Ideas (MUHS 308) had an extraordinary experience in the new instrument gallery of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The renovated gallery had opened only the week before and the Associate Curator, Dr. Bradley Strauchen-Scherer, was keen to share the new curatorial vision for the collection with us. At the front of the galleries, the curators have placed a spectacular case of brass instruments and nicknamed the display “Fanfare.” Everyone agreed that it’s fairly impossible not to smile as one approaches it. To our delight, Bradley retrieved a conch shell and handed it to the nearest brass player, Justin Hovi, who did us all proud. The Met’s permanent collection has been reinvigorated by its new associations within type and themes across cultural boundaries, and has to our relief discarded the former Eurocentric models of “west” versus “east.” It’s a triumph, and will no doubt continue to be a world-class resource for Cali School students and thousands of other students for years to come.








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