Writing Prize

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Camila Agosto: “Musical analysis of ‘Canon 2a’ from Hans Abrahamsen’s Schnee



CALI SCHOOL WRITING PRIZE, for critical writing about music

The Cali School Writing Prize is an annual prize that recognizes excellence in writing about music from a critical perspective. The honor is bestowed on a single essay that demonstrates insight and originality, persuasive argumentation, integrity in its research and clarity of presentation.

Eligibility: Students enrolled in any degree program at the John J. Cali School of Music are eligible to apply. 

Submission Deadline 2019TBA

Submission format: A single pdf file should be sent via email to Prof Dolp at DOLPL@mail.montclair.edu. In order to preserve your anonymity please remove your name on the actual paper. Only Adobe pdf files or MS Word files will be accepted. Other formats will not be considered. In the body of the email please state your full name, degree program and year/class.

Submission Guidelines: If any of these items is not provided, the entry will be automatically disqualified.

  • No page length requirements. In the past, successful papers have usually been between 5-20 pages in length (excluding bibliography and addenda).
  • History and theory papers must have a bibliography, page numbers, and consistent bibliographic style throughout.
  • Entries limited to one per student.
  • Essays must have been written within the last calendar year.

Judging: Entries are judged by a committee of Cali School faculty. The committee does not provide written comments as feedback. (If submissions during a particular year do not meet the criteria, the judges may choose not to announce an award that year.)

Essays are considered in light of the following:

  • Originality and insight of the thesis.
  • Clarity of thought, evidence of critical stance.
  • Organizing principles: relationship of thesis or central idea to essay organization, use of supporting data, development of ideas throughout the essay, and use of detail.
  • Careful editing and proofing.

The winner is presented at the Cali School Graduation Celebration.